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Call a Lawyer When You are Over Your Head Financially

Repaying Creditors: How Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help

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Filing for bankruptcy is sometimes necessary because it can be hard paying creditors off with a limited income. You don’t have to worry about losing your assets if you opt for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as you will actually pay off your debts. Find out how Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you repay creditors without financial struggle and how much the assistance of an attorney might cost. How Can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help with Repaying Creditors? Unlike filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (in which you can lose assets and be forgiven for your...

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Why You Should Help Your Child If They Are Charged With A DUI

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If your child that has been charged with a DUI, you cannot help but be disappointed in their judgment. You might take this a step further and think that they should have to handle all parts of the repercussions on their own. This may not be the best thing for your child’s record and their future. Here are three reasons you should step in after your child’s DUI charge and help them clean up the situation as best as possible: 1. If Your Child Cannot Pay for Fines, DUI Courses or Possible Legal Fees DUI charges come with hefty fees...

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When Should I Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney?

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Nobody wants to take their employer to court. In some cases, doing so can be a career killer. But what do you do when you have been hurt on the job and you feel like you are being taken advantage of? This is one of the times where seeking out the advice of a workers compensation attorney can be more beneficial than harmful. There are certain circumstances when a workers compensation claim will need to proceed to court, and having an attorney to represent you could make the difference in your case. So when is it time to hire a workers...

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Are You The Legal Guardian Of Your Minor Children?

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If you’re the biological or adoptive parent, in most states, you’re the natural guardian of your minor children. But, you’re not necessarily your minor children’s legal guardian. In general, you can be the guardianship of the person, guardianship of the estate or both. Guardianship of the Person The legal guardianship role gives person, other than the parent, legal custody of a minor child. Like parents, legal guardians take care of their children’s welfare. They make sure the children get medical care and enroll...

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Keeping Your Debt Load Low

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It’s estimated that the average U.S. household has more than $15,000 in credit card debt. While staggering, this figure doesn’t include the cost of mortgages, cars or any other loans. It’s safe to say that a number of people are carrying a considerable amount of debt. It’s important to keep your debt load as low as possible. However, for many people, this is easier said than done. Knowing how to minimize debt is an important skill to have. Analyze Before making any large purchases, make it a point to analyze the...

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Detained By Store Security For Shoplifting: Know Your Rights

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Imagine this scenario: you’re browsing your favorite apparel store, trying on some bracelets when you’re distracted by running into an old friend. The two of you decide to head out and grab lunch. You begin to venture out of the store, not realizing you’re still wearing one of the bracelets you were trying on. As soon as you exit the store, you’re approached by a security guard and asked to step into the store manager’s office. You’re accused of shoplifting the bracelet, and the security guard threatens to...

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